A Brief History of Samurai By Jonathan Clements


Format : Paperback

Page: 384 pages

Dimensions  : 13 x 19.4 x 2.6 cm

Weight : 300 g

Publication date : 20 Oct 2003

Publisher : Little, Brown Book Group

Imprint : Robinson Publishing

Publication City/Country : London, United Kingdom

Language : English

ISBN10 : 1845299477

ISBN13 : 9781845299477




A Brief History of Samurai By Jonathan Clements. ‘Clements has a knack for writing suspenseful sure-footed conflict scenes: His recounting of the Korean invasion led by samurai and daimyo Toyotomi Hideyoshi reads like a thriller. If you’re looking for a samurai primer, Clements’ guide will keep you on the hook’ Japan Times, reviewed as part of an Essential Reading for Japanophiles series From a leading expert in Japanese history, this is one of the first full histories of the art and culture of the Samurai warrior. The Samurai emerged as a warrior caste in Medieval Japan and would have a powerful influence on the history and culture of the country from the next 500 years. Clements also looks at the Samurai wars that tore Japan apart in the 17th and 18th centuries and how the caste was finally demolished in the advent of the mechanized world.


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